A Bear Grylls Adventure in Bulgaria

Hi friends
A Bear Grylls Adventure in Bulgaria
Just past my house is the beautiful Balkan mountains and although I can see and look upon them in wonder at their beauty, I wanted to walk through them and fully appreciate their essence.
We walked towards the mountains to an area that my friends Dave and Sharon took their dogs, we went over a bridge that crossed a gently flowing river.
I was in my element, my friend Mia was too, being in nature listening to the birds singing, the sound of water flowing over the rocks, the squelching slippery mud under our feet, the majestic mountains in the distance.
Mia was a faster walker than me and she surged ahead with zest, I loved her adventurous spirit and I was happy to follow. We discussed en route which way to go as there were footpaths.
We came to an area where it was just a puddle surrounded by mud, Mia crossed but her foot went right in and she got wet, we laughed.
We trekked further into the forest, and the footpaths were becoming less evident, we went into the thicket, there were thorny branches before us and we put our head down, knelt lower and forced our way through the bushes, but we were going nowhere so we decided to turn around. On the way back a thorny branch whacked me in the face and scratched my nose, it was a shock but we steamed ahead.
By this time we were lost, but I did have an idea which direction the town of Rish was, so from then on we just followed our gut instinct.
We came across a clearing and in the distance was a shepherd with his herd of sheep and lots of dogs, we thought nothing of it. But the four dogs started heading towards us barking, but still in the distance, I had dropped my tissue a few yards away, and went back to get it, not a good move, as this made the dogs head towards us barking ferociously even more. Mia and I stood still frozen with fright, mentally I was sending these aggressive dogs love, Mia said she was saying in her head “f….off”. The huge dogs were only yards away barking, it was a terrifying situation to be in, but remarkably we stayed calm, just saying “keep still”. The farmer turned up and guided the dogs away from us, and said we were going in the right direction to Rish, we thanked him. That was a hair raising experience.
We felt like we were on the right track, we crossed a road which we could have followed, but decided on the nearby footpath, as the traffic was very fast, we then came to a river, my instinct told me either to follow the river or cross it, I decided the best option was to cross it, as it looked like there was no proper path along the river.
There was a raised stony area to step on where the river flowed and we probably would get our feet wet, but it had to be done. I crossed the river ok, Mia stepped onto the stony area and fell in, and burst out laughing it was very funny, when she got to the other side we took out the contents of her rucksack, she was concerned that her phone and iPad had got wet, but they were ok.
We headed towards Rish we were keen to get back and have a cup of tea, in the distance I could see the farm near my house, we walked towards it. Mia squelched up to her knees in mud, my feet were soaking and muddy, but by now we didn’t care. We walked through the farm and got to my house bedraggled, muddy, but in high spirits at our amazing adventure.
We were calm in a crisis, we used our intuition to guide us, we felt light hearted fun about our situation, we fully embraced the spirit of adventure and I think Bear Grylls would have been proud of us.
Have a great day
Love from


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