Can You Control The Weather

Hi friends
Can You Control The Weather?
Absolutely yes.
Yesterday I had planned to go to Tring canals and Resevoirs to follow my theme this year of Exploring Nearby Towns, I had researched it and it looked lovely.
The day before had been bright and sunny and I presumed that yesterday would be too, but when I woke up it was snowing, but not one for considering any weather was bad I still wanted to go with the attitude “I’m not going to let any weather come in the way of what I’m wanting to do”
So my son Craig and I set off towards Tring, as we were driving along it started raining and I said to myself “I want clear weather for when we are at the canals, so as to enjoy the walk at its best”.
As we approached Tring the sky was getting brighter but only in that area. When we arrived it stopped raining and we had a lovely walk along the scenic canals and barges and there was even sun and blue sky appearing enhancing the beautiful colourful boats.
The area was as stunning as I had imagined and I was in a state of ecstasy as we walked along. The weather had miraculously cleared up for our walk.
Then as we got in the car to go home it started snowing very heavily, how about that?
I know some may say it’s a coincidence, but it’s now happened too often for that, whenever I ask for good weather that is exactly what happens.
Also on the way home we were taken via Whipsnade Zoo where there are many hills, on the other side of the road going down people were sliding and being very cautious as quite a lot of snow had fallen, but on my side, going up the hill, there was no snow and I was able to drive normally, for I had done my usual of asking Arch Angel Michael to keep us safe, and he always does.
So these ingrained spiritual practices are now with me all the time, for when I ask it is given, every time.
This is how powerful we are, be aware of your power and use it wisely X
Have a miraculous day
Love from
Loraine X


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