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Hi friends
Follow The Breadcrumbs
Desire is at the basis of our lives, for if we didn’t desire we would not be alive. It’s natural to desire, and it may not necessarily be anything material, it may be something like just wanting peace of mind.
But desire for some people feels like pain, because they think there is lack in some way in that area and that is at the basis of all misery.
When we get clear that there is no lack whatsoever, it is just our own perception of lack and that there is only alignment that will bring our desires to us. When we are a match to what we want, when we actually become what we want that’s when our desires appear.
I’m on the verge of having two books self published on Amazon and three more in the pipeline. I’m wanting to get them out there in the world, not for money, recognition or anything like that, but just for the mere fact that I think my books will benefit people, it feels like my purpose and is my legacy to humanity.
I know the general consensus to being successful in marketing my books is that it’s unlikely to happen and to some degree I have felt that myself too, but I’m very keen for my desire to manifest.
So I’ve let the idea be general in my mind, continued every day being consistently in alignment generally and guess what’s beginning to happen, I’m being shown the breadcrumb trail to my desire from the universe.
Everywhere I look I’m getting nudges from Facebook about advertising, which is a great tool to get my books out there. In fact, there are endless ways to market my books. I’m just going to follow the breadcrumbs that feel right and I know that will take me to my dream.
You don’t have to push too hard to get anything you want, just desire let go allow, follow the breadcrumbs of least resistance and feel good, and voila magically all will appear right before your very eyes.
Have a fabulous day
Love from
Loraine X


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