Re-Ignited Passion

Hi friends
Re-ignited Passion
I’ve just returned from my house in Bulgaria that I bought 6 years ago off eBay. I’ve had it refurbished by an English builder and it’s been a labour of love.
When I went this time I hadn’t been for 18 months and I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it as circumstances around it had changed.
The house itself is set amongst the Balkan Mountains, it overlooks rolling hills and the backdrop is of the Balkan Mountains. It’s on the edge of the village so very quiet and tranquil and I’ve named it Lorden Retreat.
But a dear Bulgarian friend Kouncho who lived opposite died recently, when I first bought the house he lived there with his mother and disabled brother, he helped me so much and I was upset when he died, he was only 53. The mother Troufka is moving to live with her daughter in Varna as she was very isolated on her own.
When I got to the house it looked completely different, as I have new English friends Sharon and Dave and they have been working on my house and it looked lovely. It had been painted and the furniture had been re-arranged and I fell back in love with Lorden Retreat.
My friends Jean-marc and Mia came with me to the house and loved it. Mia had many ideas for the house and I could feel my original passion returning like before but even more so, as I could feel enthusiasm and hope returning for the future of Lorden Retreat and it felt wonderful.
Living a life of passion, enthusiasm and joy is a conscious decision, whether it be a re-ignited passion like Lorden Retreat or a new one. It doesn’t matter because to feel excitement, joy and passion is the elixir of life.
Have a wonderful day
Lots of love
Loraine X
If anyone is interested in staying at Lorden Retreat please inbox me


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