Stay Inspired

Hi friends
Stay Inspired
How often do you feel inspiration, is it occasionally, once a week, sometimes, never or daily?
You know when you’re feeling inspired by the way you feel, it may be a hobby, a new recipe, the new house your embarking on buying.
I feel inspiration daily by listening to inspirational teachers like Abraham Hicks and Bentinho Massaro, they take me there immediately. I’m feeling inspiration now as I’m writing this, the adrenalin, the enthusiasm and excitement of conveying my message to the world and the immense feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction it gives me.
I’m feeling inspiration about the upcoming weekend as I’m going to my house in Bulgaria with friends and know we’re going to have a wonderful time.
Ask yourself, how does it feel to focus on the job you don’t like or to feel inspired by being in the imaginary state of creating a new business?
Some may say but this is not facing reality, but reality is what you make it and reality is never static. It’s always changing to the tune of your song.
Where would we be without the great people in life who felt inspired and acted upon it, like Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb, he failed 1000 times in his attempt, and when asked “how do you feel about failing 1000 times” he replied “I’ve succeeded in 1000 steps to create the light bulb”. Where would we be without him?
J.K Rowling was turned down many times to have her Harry Potter books published, but her inspiration and self belief gave us the amazing Harry Potter series, which is pure genius.
Walt Disney was turned down by 500 banks to fund his Disney Dream, but he continued to follow his inspiration, and gave us the amazing Disney films, characters and theme parks.
We are only one inspired person away from having clean water for everyone, for the whole world to be fed and for everyone in the world to have a roof over their head.
Feel inspired daily by what makes you feel ecstatic, enthusiastic and excited, for you never know where your inspiration will take you.
Have an inspirational day
Love as always
Loraine X


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