Hi friends
Only Talk About What You Want
In this attraction based universe there is no such thing as exclusion, meaning when we talk about something the essence of it is brought to us, whether or not we are wanting it.
Whilst in Bulgaria we were talking about frightening situations with big aggressive dogs, that trip I have never seen so many stray dogs in my garden and out and about, and we also had a pack of dogs who were with the shepherd chase us.
I’ve been thinking and talking about getting insurance for my boiler for some time and not acting upon it, so the inevitable has just happened and my central heating has packed in.
So being aware of what you’re talking about can be very beneficial, and choose only to talk about what you want.
At an Abraham seminar a woman in the hot seat asked the question “I’ve been on three Abraham cruises and each time I always get ill, why is that?” Abraham’s reply was excellent – “because you keep talking and thinking about being ill when you come on these cruises, it’s in your vibration, you’re expecting it. Well-being is yours when you stop doing that thing that you do”
It does take practice to become more aware of what you’re broadcasting, but it can be done. Rather than monitor each thought just make it a priority to feel good and everything then will flow naturally into your experience.
Have a wonderful day
Love as always
Loraine X


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