The Power of Words

Hi friends
The Power of Words
Have you ever thought about the words that you use on a day to day basis. Are they words that empower or disempower you?
Because the words that you use are creating your life experience. I very often hear people say that the weather is bad, or I’ve had a terrible day and people don’t realise the power behind what they are saying, for unconsciously they are bringing more bad and terrible circumstances and events to them.
A friend on Facebook had five sons and she realised that she kept saying “oh boy” to different scenarios that occurred in the day, she became aware of this and instead started saying “oh girl” and miraculously had a girl the next time.
She helped a man who had had a car accident and gave him a bed for the night, before he went to bed he said “I’m going to crash” she said “you just have”
The words you use are often a habit and we don’t realise that we are saying them, but once we become aware, it often fits into place why things are happening as they are.
One of my favourite words is inspire, I say it to myself all day and I’m brought all sorts of ideas, people and circumstances to inspire me.
I go to Weight Watchers and decided to stay for a meeting one week, another member shared that she weighs everything and she had lost a lot of weight, this inspired me as I had come to a stand still with my weight loss, so I started weighing everything instead of guessing how many points the food had, that week I lost 4lbs. That one word brought improvement to my life.
So today be aware of the words you’re using, make sure they empower and uplift you so you can radiate who you really are.
Have a lovely day
Lots of love
Loraine X


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