What Does Your Ideal Day Look Like?

Hi friends
What Does Your Ideal Day Look Like?
Have you ever asked this question, if not why not? because when you get clear about what the best most perfect day ever is, you can start attracting more of these type of days into your life.
It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the mundaneness of life where it seems like it’s all work, paying the bills, doing the shopping and life just feels like a rut.
But with a bit of forethought and organisation you can create the life you’ve always wanted.
Your perfect day may be to spend a day with the family doing fun stuff like going to the beach, or a long weekend with your partner, or just curled up chilling with a book in your Pjs.
If it’s been a long time since you’ve had fantastic days like these, it’s time to take stock. Get researching plan ahead book that great hotel with the amazing view, book a days holiday off work for a duvet day.
At the beginning of the year I plan my adventures for the year, and every month I’m doing something that I love that thrills and excites me, and once booked I can then get excited and look forward to it and then come back and write about it to hopefully inspire and entertain, this is my ideal life and it takes planning. I don’t tell you this to brag but to show you that it can be done.
Just get out there, plan, think ahead, organise, save, visualise your ideal day.
For once you identify the perfect day for you, those days become weeks, months, years and before you know it you’re living the life of your dreams.
Have a great best day of your life
Lots of love as always
Loraine X


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