Milking Optimum Experiences

Hi friends
Milking Optimum Experiences
A year ago I was trekking towards Everest Base Camp with a group of Everest summiteers, and to date it’s been the most adventurous, joyous and challenging experience of my life.
When I think of the month long trek it fills me with pride, achievement, awe at the beautiful landscape and the humble and friendly people of Nepal.
I could of course no longer think about this experience, and look forward to my next adventures of which there are plenty coming up this year, but as its my mantra “nothing is more important than to feel good” this process of reliving an optimum experience,and milk it for all its worth, is very good and takes me right back to that feel good place.
We want to use any excuse we can to feel good, because in that place we are then in the receptive mode for more good to come into our lives.
So in your bag of tricks towards positivity have in your moments of not feeling so good, plenty of optimum experiences to get you right back on track, to where you rightly belong – ON TOP OF THE WORLD.
Have a fantastic day.
Love as always
Loraine X


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