Re-Ignited Passion

Hi friends
Re-ignited Passion
I’ve just returned from my house in Bulgaria that I bought 6 years ago off eBay. I’ve had it refurbished by an English builder and it’s been a labour of love.
When I went this time I hadn’t been for 18 months and I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it as circumstances around it had changed.
The house itself is set amongst the Balkan Mountains, it overlooks rolling hills and the backdrop is of the Balkan Mountains. It’s on the edge of the village so very quiet and tranquil and I’ve named it Lorden Retreat.
But a dear Bulgarian friend Kouncho who lived opposite died recently, when I first bought the house he lived there with his mother and disabled brother, he helped me so much and I was upset when he died, he was only 53. The mother Troufka is moving to live with her daughter in Varna as she was very isolated on her own.
When I got to the house it looked completely different, as I have new English friends Sharon and Dave and they have been working on my house and it looked lovely. It had been painted and the furniture had been re-arranged and I fell back in love with Lorden Retreat.
My friends Jean-marc and Mia came with me to the house and loved it. Mia had many ideas for the house and I could feel my original passion returning like before but even more so, as I could feel enthusiasm and hope returning for the future of Lorden Retreat and it felt wonderful.
Living a life of passion, enthusiasm and joy is a conscious decision, whether it be a re-ignited passion like Lorden Retreat or a new one. It doesn’t matter because to feel excitement, joy and passion is the elixir of life.
Have a wonderful day
Lots of love
Loraine X
If anyone is interested in staying at Lorden Retreat please inbox me


Stay Inspired

Hi friends
Stay Inspired
How often do you feel inspiration, is it occasionally, once a week, sometimes, never or daily?
You know when you’re feeling inspired by the way you feel, it may be a hobby, a new recipe, the new house your embarking on buying.
I feel inspiration daily by listening to inspirational teachers like Abraham Hicks and Bentinho Massaro, they take me there immediately. I’m feeling inspiration now as I’m writing this, the adrenalin, the enthusiasm and excitement of conveying my message to the world and the immense feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction it gives me.
I’m feeling inspiration about the upcoming weekend as I’m going to my house in Bulgaria with friends and know we’re going to have a wonderful time.
Ask yourself, how does it feel to focus on the job you don’t like or to feel inspired by being in the imaginary state of creating a new business?
Some may say but this is not facing reality, but reality is what you make it and reality is never static. It’s always changing to the tune of your song.
Where would we be without the great people in life who felt inspired and acted upon it, like Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb, he failed 1000 times in his attempt, and when asked “how do you feel about failing 1000 times” he replied “I’ve succeeded in 1000 steps to create the light bulb”. Where would we be without him?
J.K Rowling was turned down many times to have her Harry Potter books published, but her inspiration and self belief gave us the amazing Harry Potter series, which is pure genius.
Walt Disney was turned down by 500 banks to fund his Disney Dream, but he continued to follow his inspiration, and gave us the amazing Disney films, characters and theme parks.
We are only one inspired person away from having clean water for everyone, for the whole world to be fed and for everyone in the world to have a roof over their head.
Feel inspired daily by what makes you feel ecstatic, enthusiastic and excited, for you never know where your inspiration will take you.
Have an inspirational day
Love as always
Loraine X

Follow The Breadcrumbs

Hi friends
Follow The Breadcrumbs
Desire is at the basis of our lives, for if we didn’t desire we would not be alive. It’s natural to desire, and it may not necessarily be anything material, it may be something like just wanting peace of mind.
But desire for some people feels like pain, because they think there is lack in some way in that area and that is at the basis of all misery.
When we get clear that there is no lack whatsoever, it is just our own perception of lack and that there is only alignment that will bring our desires to us. When we are a match to what we want, when we actually become what we want that’s when our desires appear.
I’m on the verge of having two books self published on Amazon and three more in the pipeline. I’m wanting to get them out there in the world, not for money, recognition or anything like that, but just for the mere fact that I think my books will benefit people, it feels like my purpose and is my legacy to humanity.
I know the general consensus to being successful in marketing my books is that it’s unlikely to happen and to some degree I have felt that myself too, but I’m very keen for my desire to manifest.
So I’ve let the idea be general in my mind, continued every day being consistently in alignment generally and guess what’s beginning to happen, I’m being shown the breadcrumb trail to my desire from the universe.
Everywhere I look I’m getting nudges from Facebook about advertising, which is a great tool to get my books out there. In fact, there are endless ways to market my books. I’m just going to follow the breadcrumbs that feel right and I know that will take me to my dream.
You don’t have to push too hard to get anything you want, just desire let go allow, follow the breadcrumbs of least resistance and feel good, and voila magically all will appear right before your very eyes.
Have a fabulous day
Love from
Loraine X

Can You Control The Weather

Hi friends
Can You Control The Weather?
Absolutely yes.
Yesterday I had planned to go to Tring canals and Resevoirs to follow my theme this year of Exploring Nearby Towns, I had researched it and it looked lovely.
The day before had been bright and sunny and I presumed that yesterday would be too, but when I woke up it was snowing, but not one for considering any weather was bad I still wanted to go with the attitude “I’m not going to let any weather come in the way of what I’m wanting to do”
So my son Craig and I set off towards Tring, as we were driving along it started raining and I said to myself “I want clear weather for when we are at the canals, so as to enjoy the walk at its best”.
As we approached Tring the sky was getting brighter but only in that area. When we arrived it stopped raining and we had a lovely walk along the scenic canals and barges and there was even sun and blue sky appearing enhancing the beautiful colourful boats.
The area was as stunning as I had imagined and I was in a state of ecstasy as we walked along. The weather had miraculously cleared up for our walk.
Then as we got in the car to go home it started snowing very heavily, how about that?
I know some may say it’s a coincidence, but it’s now happened too often for that, whenever I ask for good weather that is exactly what happens.
Also on the way home we were taken via Whipsnade Zoo where there are many hills, on the other side of the road going down people were sliding and being very cautious as quite a lot of snow had fallen, but on my side, going up the hill, there was no snow and I was able to drive normally, for I had done my usual of asking Arch Angel Michael to keep us safe, and he always does.
So these ingrained spiritual practices are now with me all the time, for when I ask it is given, every time.
This is how powerful we are, be aware of your power and use it wisely X
Have a miraculous day
Love from
Loraine X

Calm in Chaos

Hi friends
Calm in Chaos
Have you ever felt overwhelmed when circumstances appear and you get caught up in the drama?
I know I have, and it happened this week at work, so I decided I don’t like this and I know that if I want to change the way I feel and behave it is totally within my control.
Very often we feel that things happen to us randomly and we have no choice but to react angrily, fearfully, disempowered, sad, regretful, concerned.
Firstly, nothing happens randomly, all that comes to you is a reflection of your vibratory state, as in how your feeling mirrors your circumstances.
But when circumstances do occur that are not to our liking we can in that moment feel calm and in control, because we can choose how we feel at any time.
So in my situation at work I decided that my next shift I was going to be in control, calm and not overwhelmed, I’m a nurse in A&E so you can imagine that this can be a challenge.
It required a decision before I went to work what sort of day I wanted and I actually write it down every single detail from getting the car space I want, to my computer card working, to working with nice people colleagues and patients all day, for these minor things can if you let them upset the applecart.
I also visualised if things did get chaotic and there was drama everywhere I would stay calm in control, assertive, loving and helpful too.
It does require mastering your vibration, because if you don’t pre plan you will have knee jerk responses to circumstances and events and before you know it you will be joining the chaos.
The shift i had yesterday was perfect to the T just as I had planned, and feeling happy and in control at all times.
It is up to you how you feel, you can control the circumstances in your life not the other way around.
You can apply my example to any area in your life where your buttons are pushed and you think and behave in ways that are not to your liking.
So today feel calm in the chaos visualise, pre plan your vibratory state, master your vibration and know that you’re the creator of it all and so powerful.
Have an empowered day
Love as always
Loraine X

Money Follows Me

Hi friends
Money Follows Me
About five years ago I would say that I had a lack mentality, wherein I would worry about bills, get anxious when spending money, take long periods of time calculating my finances, but not any more, I would now say that I have an abundant mindset.
What is an abundant mindset? it’s not necessarily all about money, it’s more a knowing that everything you want already exists on a vibrational level and it’s a case of matching that frequency.
So money is a part of it, but it really is an energy exchange and the better you feel the more can flow into your life, and money now actually follows me around without even trying.
The reason for this is I have let go of resistance around the subject of money, I no longer worry about money as I know that whatever I want or need will turn up, although this change of mindset has taken me many years and I would say it’s been a gradual process.
Examples of money following me are
Taking action through inspiration on a little sideline business, that paid off through helping someone out and loving every minute of it.
Discounts on bills without me asking.
Getting a better rate per hour in my job than I thought I was getting.
Getting a refund on an item on my bank account.
And many more instances that show me that my mindset has changed.
A friend told me about people saying to her “has Loraine won the lottery, she travels all around the world, how does she do it”
All I can say to that is when you know what I know it does feel like winning the lottery, because the world literally is your oyster if you allow it.
When planning a big trip to anywhere in the world, my first thoughts are where do I want to go? What location excites me the most? Where will I have the most fun? What fills me with the most passion, enthusiasm and joy? how much it costs is totally irrelevant because I know that I can create the money, and then I plan on paying the trip in increments, and I’ve been doing this for four years.
So the flow of money is important too, money in money out, the money I spend is what I love doing, which is travelling and the universe is getting the message loud and clear to bring money for that reason.
If you cling onto your money fearful of spending it, the channel is blocked for more to flow to you, just focus on your passion and the money will flow to that.
My trip to Australia, cruise to Fiji and road trip to New Zealand cost £5k, and ten years ago in a million years I would never have paid that amount of money for a holiday, and that is the difference my mind now says that I can do it and I will do it, what you tell yourself and what you believe is the key to everything.
Would you like money to follow you? Of course you would, stop fretting and worrying about money, just know that money is not apart from you, it’s only a form of energy and that the money exists in your beliefs and thought systems and you can be as rich as you intend to be.
Have a wonderfully prosperous day.
Lots of love
Loraine X

I Feel Like Harry(et) Potter

Hi friends
I Feel like Harry(et) Potter
At Christmas my daughter said “I’m reading the Harry Potter books” having not been interested when she was younger, I said “I will join you”
even though they are not the type of book I would normally read, but did so in my quest to try different things.
The affect these ingeniously written children’s books have had is nothing short of amazing, for a couple of reasons.
Firstly, the sheer imagination of J.K Rowling is astounding, and as someone who likes to write I can fully appreciate it.
For imagination is one of our most under utilised functions. Imagination is our link to our higher self. In fact it is more beneficial to get lost in imagination than to focus on reality, for reality is only the result of a past vibration, but to imagine a fantasy that excites you can only become more of the same in this attraction based universe.
As Albert Einstein says:-
Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.
Harry Potter gets up to all sorts of antics, his spell bounding wizardry is not that unlike life itself to my mind, for when you’re in alignment and connecting to the energy of the universe Harry Potter type miracles happen all over the place, and at times I feel like Harriet Potter, what a thought, why not? We can be or do whatever we choose.
So today get out your wand, create it all exactly to your liking and get lost in your unlimited imagination.
Have a great day
Lots of Love
Loraine X