How Best To Help Those You Love

Hi friends
How Best To Help Those We Love
When we see those we love suffer or get themselves into trouble or have health issues, our natural instinct is to get in there give advice, help in practical ways, even argue with them until they see our point and correct the error of their ways.
But have you noticed all the above does not work, because we are advising from our own perspective and not their own.
It’s a classic case of what resists persists, and invariably they push back against you.
For as much as we love someone we cannot be in their shoes,having their thoughts and experiences, they are unique to that person.
The best way you can help someone is to show them and if they will listen, to be aware of their own emotional guidance system.
Everybody has an emotional guidance system within them guiding them all the time, their feelings are showing them which is the right path and which is the wrong path.
Even if it looks like someone is going down the wrong path, to that person at that moment in time it may be the right path because it is serving them in some way, and they need to follow on that destructive path in order to learn something about themselves.
Another way to help those around you that you love is to be the best example you can be of leading a good authentic, joyful, happy life.
Someone who is following their own guidance system, by following what is blissful to them and ignoring what is not.
We are all on our own unique path to what is the best life for us and it’s all about learning and zig zagging along the way to what feels right and what feels wrong.
Follow your excitement, joy and bliss, and be an example of this, and you will be a shepherd of humanity to the world and those you love.
Have a great day
Love as Always
Loraine X


The Comfort of Angels

Hi friends
The Comfort of Angels
Angels are not what I talk about regularly and they are not in my daily practice, but I do call upon them in times of need.
If I’m feeling anxious or low I will look up an angel card. If I’m feeling fearful I imagine walking along holding an Angel’s hand.
Angels respect your free will and will not intervene in your life unless asked, so I always make a deliberate decision to ask them for answers or comfort when needed.
When I go travelling I always imagine Archangel Michael by my side protecting me and giving me courage, for without him I doubt I would be able to do what I do.
A relative recently was given a diagnosis which worried her and in fact ruined her Xmas, but every day I pulled an angel card with a lovely positive message, and I texted this to her, and she found immense soothing relief and comfort in this.
Doreen Virtue is the Queen of Angels, she’s written many books, produced many beautifully illustrated Angel cards designed by Radleigh Valentine. To hear her speak is like listening to an angel, you wouldn’t go far wrong in buying any of her products.
My Canadian friend Jo whilst we were travelling in November gave me a beautiful clear crystal angel with affirmation beads attached to it, and I hold it and go along the 20 beads affirming positive messages.
Whether you believe in angels or not, I think there is no doubt that to imagine angels watching over you, guiding, protecting and loving you is a beautifully comforting thought.
Have a lovely day
Love from
Loraine X

Be a Creator Not a Victim

Hi friends
Be a Creator Not a Victim
To say you are the creator of your own reality is easy to say, but do you actually believe and feel it?
For whenever you are blaming anything outside of yourself you aren’t believing it, and you’re a victim.
We all do it, myself included, look at the outside circumstances and rejoice or get upset over what is happening, but they are a mirror of what is going on inside you.
Yesterday I did a two hour challenge, where every minute for two hours, for ten seconds, I would think of the best thought possible.
To look at the watch for that length of time did sone doing, but I did it, and came away feeling invincible, and had the most productive day ever.
It showed me that I do choose my thoughts and I create my reality. This exercise will bring you forward leaps and bounds in your personal development and you can pack in 2 years of learning into 2 hours.
When you truly get it that you and only you are the creator, your life takes on a new meaning, there are no more surprises, magic and synchronicities happen everywhere but they are now normal.
Creat your life exactly to your liking, by deciding to choose the thoughts that resonate with you, and the universe will respond to your song.
Have a great day
Lots of Love
Loraine X

Be Grateful for your Negativity

Hi friends
Be Grateful for your Negativity
When we are on this path to personal growth and development we want to stay positive and improve our lives.
And whilst to be positive most of the time is what we’re aiming for and is achievable, it’s inevitable that at times we will become negative, sometimes for long periods of time.
Either an old thought pattern will re-emerge, or the person who hurt us turns up in our life and re-ignites that same pain, or something on the news or in the newspaper upsets us.
Also the negativity is showing us exactly what we don’t want, therefore there is even more clarity of what we do want.
Instead of beating yourself up over this negativity, be grateful for it, accept and love it, because it’s showing you that you’re becoming more aware and conscious of your vibration, this is good because a majority of people don’t realise it’s happening and go further down the negativity rabbit hole.
It’s also showing that your emotional guidance system is working, that your higher self does not agree with the thought you’ve just had, and it’s just not true, so it’s your cue to get right back on track to your normal positive, high energy, powerful self.
With practice you get better and better at this, the negativity will become minimal and every corner you turn there will be happy, joyful, people, places and events to be grateful for.
Have a great day
Love as always
Loraine X

Repaint Your Canvas

Hi friends
Repaint Your Canvas
If you think of you life as a blank canvas and you paint everything to your liking onto that canvas, life takes on a knew meaning and everything that appears in your life is what you want.
For example if the same person who brought you pain appears on your canvas of life, simply paint over that person, don’t keep him or her there, going over the same traumatic experience over and over again, put the person who is a match to you onto your canvas.
Put all that you want onto your canvas, the partner, the career, the money, the health, and simply leave out what you don’t want.
This simple mind technique can literally create the life of your dreams, for you’re focusing on what you do want, and the universe must deliver every time.
Have a fab day
Love as always
Loraine X

Its All In The Attitude

Hi friends
It’s All In The Attitude
At the weekend I went out with friends, we stood at the bar and decided to have a cocktail, it was buy one get one free.
It came to my turn to be served and as the bartender was making my cocktail I joked with him to chuck the cocktail in the air like Tom Cruise does in the film Cocktail, he laughed, I then went on to tell him about an amazing waiter called Handsome Johnny who did all these very clever tricks as my friend Georgina Cwikel and I sat and watched around a circular bar, with many others, wherein he had the 8 cocktail containers and served them behind his back, the bartender was impressed but said he couldn’t manage that.
We later went upstairs to where people were dancing, and it was very busy, I went to the bar to get a drink it was a small bar and people were waiting a while to be served, I thought rather than get inpatient I would people watch and use the time constructively.
There were three bartenders, the very friendly one who I had spoken to downstairs, he was very pleasant, chatting,relaxed, easy going, and smiling at people.
Then there was another one who served me, he was not smiling, he looked very stressed about all these people he had to serve, didn’t say thank you, I was just another person to him, even though I was secretly sending him love and lighten up thoughts.
So here we have two people doing exactly the same job, but so having totally different experiences, and I’m sure their lives are completely different.
The easy going happy guy, I bet in real life he is like that and creating great experiences in the process, likewise with the stressed out guy.
Every day we have a CHOICE, I’ve emphasised choice, as it is a choice as to what attitude we adopt first thing in the morning, circumstances do not dictate, we dictate then circumstances match our attitude.
So today make the right choice and go forward with the right positive attitude and create a day of your dreams.
Lots of love
Loraine X

Go The Extra Mile

Hi friends
Go The Extra Mile
Whilst going through you tube videos to research good tunes for my forthcoming birthday party, I came across Elvis Presley’s famous live Las Vegas performance, singing Suspicious. Minds.
The song is only four minutes long but it went on for over six minutes, the band didn’t know what was going on and they kept playing along to Elvis’s continuing performance and getting quite exhausted in the process.
His performance is classic, he goes the extra mile singing “I’m caught in a trap,I can’t walk out, because I love ya too much baby” on bended knees, pump action with his arms, gyrating hips, sweating profusely, quivering lip. He even goes up to a backing singer and has a joke with her and makes her jump.
He plays up to the audiences love of him with his high energy vibrational electric performance, for he is totally in the zone and loving every minute of it, and I thought wow what a sight, it’s amazing to watch.
As an analogy of Elvis’s performance how about we use his example and live our lives like that? going the extra mile in everything we do, from chatting to our loved ones with our full attention, to dancing more raucously outrageous when we are out, being kind to a stranger, giving the shop assistant a compliment, donating to a worthy cause.
Let’s go the extra mile in our lives, spread more love, work up a sweat like Elvis in every thing we do, for we are not here for mediocrity we are here to experience outrageous joy, bliss and abundance.
Have a beautiful day beautiful people.
Lots of love

Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds Live in Las Vegas
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